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  • 透鏡概述

    Lenses have many applications ranging from the simple collection of the scanning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transfer. MT-Optics provides Plano Convex Lens, Plano Concave Lens, Double ..

  • 平凸透鏡

    Plano-convex Lenses present a curvecd interface and a planar interface. They have a positive focal length, which makes it ideal for collecting and focusing light for many imaging applications. They a..

  • 平凹透鏡

    Plano-concave Lenses present a concave surface and a plano surface. They have a negative focal length and are used for image reductinon or to spread light. These lenses diverge collimated incident lig..

  • 雙凸透鏡

    The Double Convex Lenses present an identical convex surface on both sides of the lens. They have a positive focal length and are useful for 1:1 imaging and in multielement systems. Specifications: ..

  • 雙凹透鏡

    The Double ConcaveLenses present an identical concave surface on both sides of the lens.They have a negative focal length and are useful for 1:1 imaging and in multielement systems.Specifications:Mate..

  • 消色差透鏡

    Specifications: Design Wavelength:---------------------480.0,546.1,643.8nm Diameter Tolerance:------------------------+0.0/-0.15mm Focal Length Tolerance (mm):------------+/-2% Centration:-------..

  • 柱面鏡

    Cylindrical lenses are available in either plano-concave or plano-convex configurations from MT-Optics,Inc. Plano-concave lenses have a negative focal length and are used for image reduction or to spr..

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